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When it comes to motorcycles, we get a little crazy. Crazy Dogs Motorcycles is a family-owned and operated dealer, and we care about making sure that everyone has a chance for a great ride. In fact, we’re the only dedicated independent Kawasaki dealers in South East QLD. But we don’t just sell Kawasaki bikes and spare parts, we also have the connections to bring in the Italian motorcycle SWM.

Crazy Dogs, as SWM motorcycle dealers on the Sunshine Coast, know that SWM carved out a reputation for knowhow in Lombardia, the heart of the Italian motorcycle industry. Though northern Italy is half a world away by geography, the shared passion for excellent motorcycle construction is what unites them with us in Brisbane. Whether you’re an experienced biker or are just getting started, we’d love to see you and be the dealer where you find your next motorcycle.


Find full bikes and SWM motorcycle spare parts in Brisbane

We understand the culture because we’re a part of it ourselves. Some of us are in it just for the ride and feeling the air blow past us as we pass a beautiful scene, unfettered by a car’s chassis and windows. Others, though, like to dig into the machine and really understand ‘how’ and ‘why’ their bike works the way it does. We don’t judge, and all are welcome! Crazy Dogs is happy to be a dealer of SWM motorcycle spare parts for Brisbane just as much as we enjoy being dealers of the bikes themselves.

We’ll be happy to talk shop with you while you’re here and find out about your passion, some of your best rides, and what kind of aftermarket work you’ve put into your motorcycle. There are few better ways to express your personality than putting your time, money and passion into making your bike truly yours. We will provide everything from routine service to help customising your bike so that it is just the way you want it. Find out about our parts and service options here.

Why SWM motorcycles are special

We believe a SWM motorcycle is a sacred machine. Designed well, built well, and of high quality, SWM is a cut above. The company has been built by knowledgeable motorcycle enthusiasts, men and women who spend time working on their motorcycles, getting spare parts and switching components, and customising their machines. This evolved into an organised passion that informs SWM’s 360-degree understanding of what makes an excellent motorcycle.

We’re proud to be the ‘go to’ SWM motorcycle dealer for Brisbane bikers. When you come to the shop, we’re enthusiastic to talk about the accurate composition and reliability of the SWM assembly plant and discuss the latest models’ performance tests. This kind of enthusiasm and dedication can be found in dealers around the world, and we bring that right to your backyard. We do provide domestic shipping, but also encourage you to ride your bike home from our location on the Sunshine Coast. Contact us today to find out if we have the motorcycle you want.