Brisbane, Sunshine Coast Sherco Motorcycle Dealer and Spare Parts Dealers

Sherco is still a relatively young name on the market, established in 1998. The brainchild of Marc Tessier, it reflects a passion and focus on trial motorcycles. Even though it’s French and Spanish in origin, we think the company is right at home in Australia. That’s why we are proud to be Sherco motorcycle dealers for the Sunshine Coast. We’re a dealer who knows a great deal about quality bikes, and we also carry the spare parts needed to customise your Sherco to truly reflect your personality.

Sherco is a brand built to made to stand up against any competition, and you can give it the rough treatment of the toughest of trials and see that it holds up and is even ready for more. The freedom that comes with this kind of motorcycle is hard to overstate, as you get more than just the ability to on ride the open road. You can truly travel anywhere that you want from a Sherco motorcycle dealer in Brisbane.

Get to Know The Difference of a Sherco Motorcycle

Sherco bikes have a laser-sharp focus on performance, with aesthetics being a solid-yet-secondary consideration. This means that you’ll always have a bike that looks good but is often a lot tougher and more robust than you expect. Sherco releases include 2-Strokes and 4-Strokes in updated models, as well as a 500 model. The changes include newly reinforced plastics, updated graphics on them, and increased cooling surfaces.

The gains in power from these changes give you more control, enhanced reliability and even sturdier bikes which will let you ride anywhere you want to go. Crazy Dogs Motorcycles are Sherco motorcycle dealers on the Sunshine Coast. For those who are traditionalists, however, we are dealers who still carry a range of other model years and spare parts which will ensure that you can customise your motorcycle to your exact specifications.

Trade in Your Old Bike with Crazy Dogs Sherco Motorcycle Dealer in Brisbane

Crazy Dogs is enthusiastic about motorcycles and is a family-owned dealer. We’re authorised dealers of Sherco motorcycles in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and South East QLD at large. We’re old-fashioned, and that means honesty and integrity with a focus on hard work and effort. We sell bikes and also supply Sherco spare parts to Brisbane bikers and enthusiasts. Motorcycles are our passion, and we’ll treat you like family to ensure that you find the right bike for you.

We’re happy to accept trade-ins and sales, as well. When it’s time to upgrade, save the hassle of trying to sell your motorcycle on the open market and use it as a dealer trade towards your new bike. We’ll give you an honest and fair assessment of your bike’s value, respect the time and effort that you put into it, and help you on the next leg of your motorcycle journey. Contact us with any questions about models or spare parts that we carry, Sherco bikes, service options and trade in evaluations.