SHERCO 2019 300 SEF-R

$14,390.00 $12,890.00

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2019 300 SEF-R $12,890 ride away no more to pay including 6 months Qld on-roads. Ask about our low rate finance and insurance deals! Call today for QLD’s Best Prices 07 5499 1888.

Packing a serious punch in a velvet glove, the 300 SEF-R is the mid-size four-stroke that can do it all. So easy to ride it’s almost like cheating.

RRP $13,390

NEW FOR 2019

– Revised frame with more flex and 400gram weight reduction

– New triple clamps with 90gram weight reduction

– Reinforced rear wheel hub

– New MY19 graphics

– Reinforced rear fender

– New regulator

– 48mm WP Xplor fork

– New intake and exhaust cam profile for improved low-end torque and high-end power

– New intake and exhaust valves for more torque at high RPM

– New injection mapping

– New clutch basket for less inertia and 90gram weight reduction more…..