Find a Ninja 300 for Sale at Crazy Dogs

Finding a Ninja 300 for sale in Queensland often seems as difficult as finding an actual ninja. These Kawasaki favourites are quickly snatched off the road, with riders eager to experience their straight-twin engines, smooth CDI ignitions, and telescopic suspensions. They provide power and performance in the bush. No outback expeditions are needed to choose one. Instead, riders can just visit Crazy Dogs.

Crazy Dogs Motorcycles is proud to offer Australia’s best selection of new and used bikes – and we’re also proud to have a Ninja 300 for sale on-site. Come to our Burpengary lot to discover slip clutch perfection.

The Ninja 300 made its Queensland debut in 2012. Since then it’s reigned supreme on the roads, providing riders with high speeds (170 KM/H) and top-ranked torque (23.66 N-M). It’s a Kawasaki powerhouse, and it’s now at Crazy Dogs.

The Ninja 300 promises exceptional thrills. However, it doesn’t require exceptional costs to ride – not while Crazy Dogs Motorcycles offers the lowest prices in Queensland, as well as extensive leasing and insurance aid. We work with riders, providing them with the financial support they need. Choose the right bike for the right deal.

Not satisfied with steel cradling and ABS discs? Crazy Dogs offers more, boasting a massive selection of Ninja 300 accessories and parts. Let’s transform every bike into a beast. To find a Ninja 300 for sale visit Crazy Dogs Motorcycles today. Feel free to contact us as well for further specs or speciality ordering.