Ladies take the reins: Kawasaki Vulcan S LAMS ABS

Kim (left) and Donna (right) are loving life in the riders seat.

I recently met two friends when they came in to Crazy Dogs to buy their first motorcycle, the learner friendly Kawasaki Vulcan S LAMS ABS. Their enthusiasm was contagious and it wasn’t long until we started chatting.

Meeting through mutual friends within the Oz Boulevard Group Donna (50) and Kim (49), up until recently were both pillions on their husband’s bikes. While they were thrilled being on the back, they soon decided that they wanted to take the reins and get their own ride.

Donna explained, “It’s always been a ‘bucket list’ item for me. It will take a while for me to get enough confidence to ride in a large group.  But I really look forward to riding away for weekends with just me and my man.”

Kim, with two grown up children and now a Nanna of a beautiful two week old girl says, “I still enjoy being the pillion occasionally but also I’m enjoying all the new experiences of being the rider of my own bike.”

When asked why they chose the Kawasaki brand in particular the Vulcan S LAMS ABS, Kim said, “We looked at other bikes, but they all looked old or too heavy. The Vulcan S looked good, was lighter, had ABS brakes and most importantly sounded good. Another feature that was high on the list was the fact the Vulcan S didn’t look like a LAMS bike.”

The reaction from family and friends when they found out about Kim and Donna’s new motorcycles was mixed. “The majority were very happy that I was giving it a go. As I’m a fresh brand new rider at 50, I haven’t experienced any challenges as such.” said Donna.

Kim & Donna took the reins and got their own ride.

Kim & Donna wanted to take the reins and get their own ride.

Kim added, “My friend’s reaction was great and very supportive, family was a little different. My mother thought I was having a mid-life crisis and my daughter thought I was crazy. To be honest I haven’t experienced any challenges as yet being a female rider. My experience with other riders male and female have been great.”

They ride as often as possible with a group throughout South East Qld and northern NSW. “We’ve done a number of rides to Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and even the Blue Mountains. We’re heading on a trip out to Stanthorpe in June with around 20 other people.” They’re also planning a Cairns trek early next year.

Their advice to other ladies who want to learn to ride? Kim tells them, “Do your research on the bike of your choice, ask people who do ride plenty of questions. Get out there riding and you will not regret it.” Donna agrees, “Do it! Don’t regret not giving it a go.”

Explaining more about their journey so far and the decision to purchase their first bike now, Kim and Donna’s insights into the timing of their purchase are touching.

Kim says, “I always enjoyed being a pillion passenger, going for day trips or weekends away. It was now time for me to take that next step and be a rider myself. I really want to thank Crazy Dogs for the great service and help. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in buying a bike.”

Donna shares her poignant message, “In a nutshell life is too short. Don’t wait for tomorrow. You may miss it. Our twenty-four year old son James passed away suddenly whilst on holiday in Canada last year. Life can change in the blink of an eye. I have always wanted to ‘get off the back’ of the bike, but was never brave enough. I just feel now is my time.”

“I chose the purple Vulcan S as purple was my son’s favourite colour. My angel rides with me. Some days are harder than others for my husband Ken and I but something we have found about people who ride bikes. They become family.”


The thrill seekers are planning a Cairns trek early next year.

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Rebecca Baker is Dealer Principal at Crazy Dogs Kawasaki and is the author of “Beck’s Blog”. She has worked in the finance sector since 2004 & has been a part of the SEQ motorcycle industry as co-owner of “Crazy Dogs Motorcycles” a family-run Kawasaki, Sherco & SWM dealership located at Caboolture on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.