Find a KLR650 for Sale at Crazy Dogs

The Queensland topography is as vast as it is varied. Our corner of the globe shifts from city streets to desert divides to everything in between – which makes full-day trekking almost impossible. Few bikes can survive the constant changes. However, the KLR650 can, and it’s now at Crazy Dogs!

Find a KLR650 for sale at Crazy Dogs! We’ve got Queensland’s best selection of new and used bikes (plus a huge assortment of ATV, RUV, and off-roaders). Visit our lot for spectacular cycles and equally spectacular prices.

The KLR650 is a Kawasaki legend. Introduced in 1987, it’s become one of the company’s signature cycles – and Crazy Dogs knows why. This bike delivers steady speeds (up to 28 KW) and steadier power (the 2015 model boasts a 651 4-stroke engine, complete with a 9.5:1 compression ratio and water-cool injection). This, combined with a uni-track suspension, allows it to adapt to any environment. It transitions from the circuit to the crossroads without ever losing traction. That makes it an obvious choice for Crazy Dogs’ customers.

When looking for a KLR650 for sale visit our store. Be sure to ask us about available accessories – including hydro-packs, deflectors, guards, saddlebags, and more – and specialty parts. We’re also an Approved Inspection Station for Kawasaki models and we’ll guarantee that every bike is road-worthy.

Want a KLR650 that doesn’t break the bank? Crazy Dog Motorcycles offers financial aid and insurance! Contact us today to create the perfect leasing package.