Our customers review the latest release Kawasaki models:   Ninja 400 & Z900RS

Christine upgraded from her Ninja 300 to the newly released 2018 Ninja 400 LAMS ABS.
“Here is my personal view of the Ninja 400. Please avert your eyes for a moment whilst I use a phrase that I absolutely loathe: OMG! You can now look back. If ever something deserved that phrase it is this bike.”  Read more……

Mark just purchased his 29th Kawasaki: the all new 2018 Z900RS.
“The Z900RS has now brought the fun back into it for me.  You can ride it fast, you can ride it slow.  It’s a real show-off bike!  Even pulling up at the traffic lights is fun!  It’s fantastic-looking and brings back so many great memories.  It’s just fun!  They’ve brought my youth back!”
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