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Corporate Bullying: Our Response


A computer keyboard with a sticky note saying no bulling, Stop internet bullying

According to research by the University of Wollongong half of all Australian employees will experience workplace bullying during their careers. We’ve all heard about someone who’s had a hard time from a fellow employee, but did you know that this kind of thing also goes on in the corporate world?

Bullying is on the rise and big business is no exception. By definition  tell us that a workplace bully is “someone who is habitually overbearing, harsh or cruel, typically using manipulation, intimidation or harassment to overwhelm, dominate or control others.” And the same is true for companies whose employees engage in similar behaviour; otherwise known as Corporate Bullying.

It’s unfortunate that Crazy Dogs Kawasaki  have also been exposed to this type of abuse. Over the years we’ve received feedback from our loyal customers reporting many strange (and sometimes amusing) rumours which have been designed by our competitors in an attempt to tarnish our otherwise good name.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to clear the air and dispel any myths about the Crazy Dogs Kawasaki  dealership right here – right now and proudly publish our latest Customer Satisfaction Index Report independently sourced from Kawasaki Motors Australia.

Fiction V Fact